Registration Questions

You need to fill up the registration form or visit our head office in Ajman and provide accurate details about your self and/or about your company.

As long as you are 18+ you are eligible to register with us and bid on cars.

Your information is kept private and shall only be used by our administration, please read our privacy policy terms.(privacy policy page)

In order to get your account verified you need to submit us a copy of your passport or a copy of your national Id card through your profile page or you can visit our head office in Ajman.

Registration is totally free of charge but in order to have buying power you need give us a deposit amount of minimum 3000aed. Read our membership packages (link to memberships page) for more information.

As a registered member you will have access to our wide range of cars up for auction and you will have the opportunity to participate in our 5 types of sales.

Yes, you can register as long as you are 18+ and provide us with true and accurate details.

You need to provide us a copy of your valid trade license.

You can simply navigate to your profile and click on change password or raise a ticket from contact us.

Payment Questions

We accept payments through cash, cheque, international funds transfer, direct deposits/local transfer and credit or debit card.

Direct deposits (local transfer) can also be paid into QUICK AUCTION’S bank accounts.Please ensure your user id number is provided as the beneficiary reference. Please email the payment details to along with the IBAN transfer proof. Please mention your user id number, vehicle id number for the car(s), registered user name, registered complete name, registered email address, invoice number(s), bank name, and total amount of the transfer in the email. FORMAT FOR THE DIRECT DEPOSITS EMAIL IS:

In order to have any buying power you need to provide us with a security Deposit.

The minimum deposit required is 3000aed.

Currently we only accept cash.

Your Buying Power is 20 times the deposit. For example, AED 10,000 deposit = AED 200,000 bidding limit.

You may request a refund of any unused deposit, unless you have open bids or unpaid charges. It will take minimum 5-7 working days. All and any outstanding fees of QUICK AUCTION will be deducted from the Security Deposit if necessary.

Yes you can.

We implement these charges because we provide you with auction services.

It is your responsibility to pay all the documentation fee incurred on every car you purchase; QUICK AUCTION only assists to sell the car(s) and arrange all the supporting documents for your purchased car(s)

You need to send us the complete payment for your purchased car(s) within 4 working days.

Late fee of 50 AED will be charged per day for any payment delay after the fourth day. If we do not receive the complete payment of the vehicle within 4 days, we will consider your purchase cancelled, in such a case your car will be re listed and a minimum fee of 1500 AED or 10% of the final bid amount whichever is higher will be billed towards you.
Please note that the cancellation fee for live auction is 1000 AED.

You will receive an automated email message. You can also check the status of your payment by giving us a call on 06-7074444 or you can view the status of your payment by visiting your profile.

We require the full payment before delivery because we need to pay the seller for the car(s) to receive the documents.

Bidding/Buying Process

Yes you would win the vehicle if no other floor or online bidder places a bid higher than you

“Buy Now” cars are offered for sale with a fixed price and can be purchased right away.

The "Buy Now" price is typically non-negotiable. However, sometimes you can get some decrease in the price. Please contact us in regard to this and our team of experts will do everything possible to negotiate the best price for you.

Yes. You would have to pay the auction fee for the “Buy Now” vehicle.

No, you cannot negotiate the auction fees in any case.

You cannot cancel Buy Now , Live Auction and Closed Auction bid's in any case.

No. If you don’t win the car, deposit will stay on your account and you can use it for your next purchases.

If you are buying a vehicle and you're worried about its condition, you can order an Independent Vehicle Inspection through QUICK AUCTION. Please find more details about the different vehicle inspection packages on our products and services page.‬

The vehicle inspection is a mandatory procedure required for all running condition used and brand new cars except for salvage, scrap, court, bank and municipality cars. Vehicle inspection is a test conducted by any RTA approved centre to generate a condition test report.


Yes, you can lose your deposit if you do not pay for the car(s) you purchased.

No, you cannot

Yes, you can but there are terms and conditions to it.

Yes, you can by placing more deposit.

Yes, you can bid on as many cars as long as you have the substantial buying power.

If QUICK AUCTION does not receive the complete payment of the vehicle(s) purchased within 4 days, QUICK AUCTION will consider your purchase cancelled, and your car(s) will be relisted for the upcoming auction. Please read our purchase cancellation policy. (link to purchase cancellation policy in privacy policy page)

Yes, you can bid from outside UAE as long as you are a verified and registered member of QUICK AUCTION.

No, you cannot cancel a bid once it is placed.

Shipping and Towing

Price depends on the size and weight of the vehicle. For exact quote please contact us.

Yes, you are free to use your own transportation company.

We will be notifying you on your status through emails and through messages on our website.

Your cars will be shipped by “RORO” or “Container” shipping.

“RORO” means that your car will be driven inside the ship. This method of shipment is available to various destinations and does not involve consolidation. Please refer to this link to find out more information on “RORO” Types of ocean transport

“Container” shipping is the most popular way to ship a car. Basically, your car will be loaded inside 20 feet or 40 feet container, and the container will be sealed.

Usually 40 feet container fits 3 mid-size cars or SUVs, or 4 small cars, such as Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla.

2 small cars or 1 SUV and 1 mid-size car can fit comfortably.

Consolidation is when you only have one car to ship but you do not want to pay for the whole container. We can consolidate your car(s) to several popular destinations. For example if your car is consolidated with 2 other cars in a 40 feet container, you are ending up paying only 1/3 of the total cost of the 40 feet container. If there is no consolidation available to your port, we can ship your car(s) in a dedicated full container.

Transit time varies from port to port, for the estimated time. Please note delays could occur due to weather conditions, slow traffic and other situations that could cause delay.

Yes, we do provide.

The prices vary by location. Check out our shipping and towing services page for the prices. Towing Services

It takes no more than a day to deliver your car from our yard.

Yes, you can, but we advise you to use our towing services because we have professional and trained drivers to take care of your car(s) while being towed.

Other Questions

Phone: +971-6-5323068 E-Mail:

Saturday-Thursday 9:00 am-8:00 pm

Ajman Car Souq, Showroom # 150 - 151, Al Jerf Industrial 1, Ajman

Please contact us on or call us on +971-6-5323068

Probably your email went to spam, please try to resend your email, or you can go to contact us and file a ticket. To contact our customer service department please call us on +971-6-5323068 and somebody will be happy to assist you.


Yes. We can offer you a variety of new cars as well as factory orders. Please contact us for more information.

Salvage vehicle is the vehicle with previous damage that was previously involved in collision, flood and water damage, theft, vandalism, fire, natural disaster etc. Ownership type is: Salvage Title, Salvage Certificate, Certificate of Destruction etc.

Clean title car is the car that was not involved in any major accidents and has a clean title history. Ownership type is Clean Title.

Our inventory comes from automobile dealers, personal vehicle owner’s, manufacturer’s, banks, insurer’s, leasing companies, police, government, army, taxi and limousine companies, rent a car companies, exporter’s, importer’s and shipper’s along with various other automotive service and automotive industry professional’s.

Please contact us. We will do our best to try and provide you with pictures and additional information.

Yes, it is possible.

We only accept Dirhams

Please contact us in this regard, we always search for a new trusted inventory source.

Pre bid is a bid placed on a vehicle before the live auction event.

The purchaser is buying it "with all faults" and without any warranty or guarantee of any type, expressed or implied. Any information regarding this vehicle provided by the Seller or QUICK AUCTION is for convenience only. It is the buyer's sole responsibility to ascertain, confirm, research, inspect, and investigate a vehicle and/or any other information regarding the vehicle prior to bid on it in between as and is.

No QUICK AUCTION does not provide this service.

An email will be sent to you by our team or you will be notified by a call. or the status of your Paper(s) will be messaged to you on our website.

No, please make sure to check the car condition report for each car before you bid.

It means that the owner of the car(s) is the decision maker to accept the winning bid price or reject it.

Yes, you can.

No, QUICK AUCTION does not guarantee the quality or condition of the vehicles sold in its auction.

You can visit our yard in Ajman and inspect the car(s) in person. Visiting time is from Saturday 9:00 am- 8:00 pm.

On the until of each car listing the“Time Remaining” is stated.

Yes, it is possible, but you will not be able to access all the features of our website.

The minimum bid increment indicates, that how much minimum amount you can bid on a car.

Yes, you can. We provide our clients the opportunity to feature the car(s) upcoming for auction or sale on our front home page.

No, it is not refundable.

Yes you can rent out a banner space on our website. For more details regarding the pricing etc please call us on +971-6-707444 or send us a message from our website choosing the general question department.