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Comprehensive Vehicle Test

Quick auction's aim is to maintain high standards of quality service.

To maintain high standards, we conduct comprehensive vehicle test for every car that we receive for sale except for cars thats are in salvage condition. Accompanying your car(s) with a comprehensive test report adds more value. The comprehensive test includes a thorough inspection of the chassis, gear, engine, mechanics, electronics, exterior, interior and much more.

Full comprehensive tests are mandatory for every vehicle and we advise to conduct the test through RTA approved inspection centers only.

Local Ground And Ocean Transport


Whether you're at your home or office, Quick Auction can take care of all the local ground transportation services (pick & drop). We have a team of trained and professional drivers to deliver your car(s) safely and on time at your preferred location.

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Quick Auction is not only limited in providing local ground transport services but as well can assist with ocean transport (Export).