Social Media Exposure

Social media is one of the most influential tool of the 21st century. We feel just depending on physical marketing strategies is not sufficient.

  • Quick auction has a team of professional and experienced marketing specialists who keep coming up with the most innovative and creative ideas to market your car(s) on Facebook, Instagram and snap chat.
  • By having the right tools and expertise we give our best to give your car(s) the maximum exposure to the right audience.
  • Every car we receive for sale, we upload professional pictures along with the complete specifications on our social media fan pages and accounts.
  • We as well provide services for sponsored adds and professional videography services
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Paid Adds On Classified Websites

Our main target is to give you the opportunity to let your car(s) get the maximum exposure possible before your car(s) goes/go up live for the auction event We are working with to give you the vast variety of marketing options to expose your car(s) to a large audience, is the only online classified website which is 100% developed for cars and car dealerships only We upload professional pictures of your car(s) along with the complete specifications on your behalf and take the full responsibility to manage all the organic leads.

We can also feature your add and provide professional videography services. All the cars that we receive for sale are eligible for an add on

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Video and Photography Services


Cars with professional pictures are likely to receive more buyers. Quick auction maintains a top notch photo service to grant a higher amount of organic leads.

Quick auction has a team of professional photographers who pay attention to detail & accuracy and have expertise about all car brands and models. We maintain high standards because we believe the first impression is the last impression.


Stand out from the crowd and give your buyers the feeling of being inside your amazing car(s) Listings with videos are eligible for higher ranking than normal listings. The tailor made video of your car is not only eligible for upload on WWW.QUICKAUCTION.AE but as well on and on social media platforms

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Email and SMS Blast

Want to shout out your Ferrari up for sale or a fleet of vehicles "No Problem". Quick auction has the all in one email and text marketing solution. Deliver your offer to thousand's with a simple email or SMS blast. Database of emails and mobile numbers can be purchased by many filtering factors.

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