Live + Online Auction

  • Quick auction operates a smart VB-ultra auction software. VB (virtual bidding) ultra is the smartest auction software which works simultaneously with online and live auction.
  • Your cars will not only be auctioned on our website, but they will also be auctioned live in our auction hall on the same date, time, order and manner.
  • VB-ultra software gives buyers the benefit to bid on their preferred vehicles at their home, office or anywhere at their comfort.
  • We introduced this auction system so that your cars receive the maximum exposure online and during our live auction event. Car(s) can be inspected at any day from Sunday to Thursday from 9am until 8pm.

Buy Now Feature

  • The buy now feature gives an opportunity to achieve a sale before your car goes up live for the auction event.
  • Every seller will have an opportunity to put a 'BUY NOW' price tag for their cars which will give up to 50% chances that the car will be sold before the live auction.
  • Buy now feature gives you an opportunity to sell your car(s) at the price you want.

Display Sale Features

  • We have 2 gated warehouses’ holding the capacity of displaying 450++ cars at a time. Our warehouses are monitored 24 hours by surveillance cameras and our trained staff are available 11 hours a day to take care of your car(s).
  • The display sale feature gives you an opportunity to achieve a sale at the highest price possible for your car(s).
  • Our experienced sales team works round the clock to sell your car at your expected value.
  • We just don’t display your car(s) at our warehouse but also advertise it for sale on our website, social media platforms, and on online classified websites. We take the initiative to sell your car(s) to the next level, by managing all the calls, emails and organic leads.

Closed Auction

  • Quick auction is the only company in UAE which offers closed auction services online to individuals and to corporate companies.
  • Closed auction is beneficial to companies selling a huge fleet of vehicles or to individuals selling cars which do not have a clear stated market value or for sellers who wish to try their luck.
  • In closed auction the value of each bid is not disclosed to the public.
  • Each buyer submits his/her final bid and awaits for the winner to be announced.
  • Closed auction feature is for sellers who do not wish to keep a reserve price and welcome any amount of final bid.

Direct Buying Options

Instant Auction

Learn more on how to register and purchase

  • Everybody knows that you can purchase cars from USA at a very low price but what makes it difficult to actually buy them, it’s all the hassle of signing up for an account, payments and shipment.
  • Registering for an account on well known auction sites can be very hectic because they have a lot of requirements that you need to full fill, and shipment can be very complicated.
  • QUICK AUCTION has come up with a solution to assist all kind of buyers who wish to purchase cars directly from USA.
  • We are a registered dealer with some of the well known auction sites and we can create additional bidder accounts which can have access to bid on all the inventory they have.
    You can bid on car’s which are salvage, clean title, vandalized, flood/water damage etc.
  • The best part of signing up for an additional bidder account is that quick auction handles all the paperwork involved for obtaining titles and for shipment from USA until the end destination. You have multiple options for shipment such as RORO, consolidated container, full container. International Transport
  • For more details on how to sign up for an additional bidder account please call us on +971-50-6491467 / +971-6-7074444 or send us on email on or you can just send us a Message through our website by selecting buying department.